23 Dec

Depending on your line of work, I belive that learning how to code is beneficial to your career. Community colleges offer online, inexpensive classes that can introduce you to the concepts.

The Pinstriped Suit


I was recently talking about some startup ideas with a friend of mine. After much discussion, we decided that we needed to enlist the help of a seasoned programmer. As neither of us had the required skill set to execute our idea, we would have to work with somebody who had the hard skills to develop our business.

This got me thinking about how essential it is to learn how to code given that I am an entrepreneur and want to create a startup.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg has even made it one of his personal goals to learn how to code.

Most people I’ve talked to tell me that the best way to start is to read lot’s of blogs and figure out what I need to learn. Others tell me that it’s easier to bring my business experience to the table and find somebody with a coding background to…

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